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Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate Program Expectations

During the Learn to Skate programs skaters will learn the basics of skating from the beginning. By the end of a season skaters are expected to be able to skate on their own for recreational skating. Each season skaters can expect to complete one level or have improved eight skating skills.

By the completion of the Learn to Skate program skaters are expected to be able to skate competently on their own and will have learned all of the basic skating skills that they need including forward gliding, backwards gliding, stopping, turning and being able to fall and get up on their own.

Learn to Skate Program Delivery

The Learn to Skate program will be taught in groups with about a 1:8 coach to skater ratio. Skaters are initially placed into classes based on their age and skating level. Upon initial assessment coaches may place skaters into a more appropriate class based on those criteria.

During these Learn to Skate classes coaches will demonstrate each skating skill, each skill will then be practiced together as a group. Coaches will then watch the group perform the skills taught and make informal assessments to see where improvements can be made.

Learn to Skate Program Prerequisites

This Learn to Skate program is open to any skaters between the ages of 3 and 12 that have never skated before or that can skate on their own and want to improve their skating skills. Skaters are required to have properly fitting skates and a CSA approved helmet.

Learn to Skate Program Assessment

Coaches will assess skaters formally at least three times during a season. There will be an initial assessment to see what skating skills a skaters has at the beginning of the program. Coaches will then have a mid season assessment to see if skaters are improving their skills and to see what areas skaters would need improvement in. There is then a final season assessment where coaches make a final assessment of what skills have been learned.

When a skater is able to perform an element consistently the coach can report this be check marking the element on the skaters skating progress sheet. Parents are able to login to the website to view their child's progress online.

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Learn to Skate