Locations for Skating Lessons in Calgary

There are several locations that you can choose to take your skating lessons in Calgary. These include indoor, outdoor and artificial ice surfaces that are open all year round!

Skating Classes in Calgary

Learn to Skate

SUMMER 2024: 1 Skating Lesson

Learn to Skate for Beginners
Try it Out!
Duration: 30 Minutes
How to Stand on the Ice, Getting Up, Walking and Bending Down

SUMMER 2024: 2 Skating Lessons

Learn to Skate for Beginners
Get Used to the Ice!
Duration: 1 Hour
Walking Around, Two Foot Glide, Walking Backwards, Small Jump

SUMMER 2024: 3 Skating Lessons

Learn to Skate for Beginners
Start Skating on Your Own!
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Gliding, Side Steps, Making Snow, Lifting One Foot Up

How it Works

There are several locations that you can choose to go to take your skating lessons in Calgary. These include skating rinks that are indoor, outdoor and artifical ice surfaces in Calgary. In order to find the location that is best for your please complete a membership or visit the City of Calgary website.

All of the skating lessons and classes that are offered are online so you can go anywhere you choose to in Calgary for your skating lessons. We do not have or offer a physical location or skating rink, our programs only offer the instructional videos and coaching support that you need to be successful in learning to skate in Calgary!

Skating Programs

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate Calgary Our learn to skate program is specifically designed for beginners. Our skating classes follow the nationally accredited Learn to Skate program that is used all across Canada. These learn to skate lessons are taught in small skater to coach ratio classes to allow each skater to get the attention that they need to learn to skate. We offer three selections of age groups for classes in Calgary, Tots ages 3 to 5, Children ages 6 to 12 and for Adults.

Figure Skating

For skaters that have already completed the learn to skate program or who are able to already skate on their own, we offer Junior Figure Skating programs for those that are interesting in continuing on to learning this. These programs are offered by certified figure skating coaches in Calgary and are designed to introduce skaters to figure skating and is a program for beginner figure skaters.

Power Skating

We offer power skating programs for skaters that have completed the learn to skate program or can skate well on their own and are interesting in pursuing hockey. These skating classes in Calgary are taught by cerified power skating and hockey coaches. Power skating lessons are designed to give skaters that are new to hockey or looking to improve their skills in skating the basics for power skating and hockey.

Figure Skating Lessons

Junior Figure Skating
Figure Skating Lessons Calgary

For girls interested in advanced learn to skate, learn to figure skate and advancing to the Glittering Stars Figure Skating program, we offer the Junior Figure Skating program. These classes are for girls in an after school program format, 6 hours a week, between the ages of 8 and 13 with no previous skating experience or level requirements. During this program skaters are fast tracked on learn to skate, introduced to figure skating skills, technical workbook activities and off-ice conditioning. All of the figure skating lessons and classes are held indoors on our artificial ice surface in Calgary and coached by certified figure skating coaches with years of experience. In order to join a Junior Figure Skating class, you must complete a membership and then you will be contacted for an assessment and registration. Students come into the Junior Figure Skating program as skaters and leave as Glittering Stars!

Glittering Stars - Figure Skating Academy

Figure Skating Lessons Calgary Glittering Stars is our professional figure skating school that is offered for those skaters that have been successfully completed the Junior Figure Skating Program. During this program skaters will have the opportunity to complete the Star 1 through 5 tests, learn team skating and aquire leadership skills through program assisting the tots learn to skate classes. This program is a pre-competitive program that allows skaters to go onto competitions, become assistant coaches and acquire credit for education.

This program is offered in a skating day camp format, 9 hours a week, for girls in Junior High and Secondary School between the ages of 11 and 16. All of our figure skating programs and classes are taught on our indoor artificial ice surface which is open and available all year round by our certified figure skating coaches with years of experience.


Skating Lessons Calgary 1. Can my child wear a ski helmet?
No. For proper protection for skating all skaters in the learn to skate and power skating programs must have a CSA approved helmet. Other helmets such as skiing and bike hemlets are not designed to provide protection for skating. A cage or face mask is optional but not required.

2. Can or do the parents need to go on the ice?
No. Parents are not required or allowed to go on the ice during any of the sessions.

3. Are there make up sessions for missed classes?
Yes. It is possible to book makeup lessons in Calgary for during the season that you have registered for on different days and times. This can be done be done in Member Services in your account for a small adminsitrative fee.

4. Can I get private lessons for my child?
Yes. It is possible to purchase private lessons during your program in your Member Services by logging into your account. Private lessons are subject to coach availability.

5. How long will it take my child to learn to skate?
Generally it takes about a season for a skater to be able to learn the basics and be able to skate on their own. A second season is recommended to improve their skating skills.

6. Do I have to buy skates and helmet?
No, you can rent the skates and the CSA approved skating helmets from us.

7. How often do skates need to be sharpened?
Skates should be sharpened about once a season or about every 10 - 15 hours of skating.

8. Do you have a phone number that we can call to ask questions?
We only provide customer service by e-mail if your question is not answered here or on the website. You can request a consultation by phone in Member Services by logging into your account for an adminsitrative fee. We encourage you to use the Member Services in your account to resolve your situation first.

9. Why was I charged a different fee from someone else I know in Calgary that regisistered for the same program?
There can be a variety of reasons why program fees differ, however we reserve the right to change program rates depending on the time that you register. The fee that you paid for a program is what you agreed to paying at the time of your registration.

10. How does the Learn to Skate Level system work?
In our Learn to Skate program coaches teach the same skills to all skaters in levels 1, 2 and 3. We DO NOT seperate learn to skate classes by level or age. The only different between these levels is skill level of skaters. As skaters progress through the levels their skills in the elements along with skaters that are more or less experienced skaters. If you have concerns about your child being in a class that is too advanced or not advanced enough the best ways to resolve this are going to Member Services in your account and requesting a class change, arranging private lessons in Calgary or request a consultation by phone.

11. How should my child be dressed for skating classes?
You should dress according to the conditions of the location that you are going to and depending on the weather if you are going to be going to an outdoor rink. Generally we recommend gloves and a coat, unless you are going to be going to a synthetic iec surface that is going to be indoors, for this you don't need gloves or a coat.

12. I have paid for membership and didn't receive my e-mail, how can I access my account?
The common reason that membership account details are not received is because an error was made in the e-mail or it was caught in spam. You may need to check your spam folder to see if it has arrived there. Due to high volume we are not providing customer support for accounts at this time and we appologize for the inconvenience.

All service offerings listed on this website are by third party. Skate on Demand does not take responsibility for the accuracy or delivery of the services listed on this website. Skate On Demand only provides memberships for user accounts in order to access services offered by third parties.

All skating programs, prices and locations shown in Calgary are proposed and not intended to be offered until such time that there are sufficient members expressing interest and confirmed plans to do so are arranged. The location shown is subject to availability for placing a temporary artificial ice surface and may not be the one used. Days and times are also subject to change depending on coach and location availability if a program becomes confirmed. Registrations for skating programs are only confirmed when payment is made from within your account, your membership is not confirmation for any skating program or services.

In order to express interest in a skating program, please create a membership and if this program becomes confirmed the membership fee can be used towards registering for this program. Skate On Demand uses third party locations to provide skating lessons using temporary Glice Rink installations. Therefore times and locations are always subject to change depending on demand and availability. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Terms of Service:
All payments and fees are final with no refunds for Memberships, Rentals and Skating Programs. Credits and exchanges for future programs are possible prior to the start of any skating program.

Private Skating Lessons in Calgary

All of the skating lessons that we provide online in Calgary are private, you register for the skating lessons that you want to take and then go to take your skating lessons where and when you want to. Once you have done that you can submit your video for evaluation and one of our coaches will give you individual, feedback and corrections to help you with your next steps and to improve your or your child's skating skills.

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