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Junior Figure Skating

Junior Figure Skating

Junior Figure Skating

About the Junior Figure Skating Program

This program is for skaters that are interested in learning figure skating. Skaters learn elements from the Pre-Star Level 4,5 and 6 through to FreeSkate Levels I, II and III. These include single rotational jumps, spins with multiple revolutions, field movements, stroking and skating skills.

This program is intended for skaters that are interested in learning basic figure skating elements and that would like to continue to more advanced figure skating programs. Skaters can be prepared for and can qualify to continue in the Intermediate Figure Skating program if they have been identified as being suitable, demonstrated interest and have met the program's requirements.

Junior Figure Skating Program Structure

This program is taught in small classes by certified figure skating coaches. Every class will begin with a 10 minute stroking lesson. During each class skaters will get to work on their stroking, skating skills, learn jumps, spins and field movements. During the last 30 minutes of each session skaters are split into two smaller groups to practice the new skills that they have learned and are working on with a coach.

Junior Figure Skating

Junior Figure Skating Program Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Junior Figure Skating program a skater must be at least 6 years of age, have completed level 4 of the learn to skate program or must be able to profficiently skate at the equivalant skating level. Skating helmets are optional during this program and skaters that are identified as having more potential and motivation can be invited for the advanced progression program twice a week.

Junior Figure Skating Program Evaluations

Each skater is evaluated at the end of each month. This evaluation is done by the group's principal coach and any new element that can be done is added to the skater's achievement record. THis record can be viewed by parents online at any time.

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Junior Figure Skating