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Skate Toronto Glice Skating Rink

Our Glice Skating Rink

Skate Toronto's Glice Rink

Skating Lessons Toronto

The Skate Toronto Glice Rink is an indoor artificial ice rink using the latest synthetic skating rink technology available. This Glice Rink is specifically designed for skaters learning to skate and for all other instructional skating purposes. This surface is very similar to how skating on real ice feels and simulates the experience making it easier for skaters to learn on. This artificial ice rink was developed in Switzerland and is made with polyester materials that are self-lubricating making the glide feel real as skates go over its surface. It has been used widely used in Europe and Asia as a substitute for real ice rinks as they are economical and environmentally friendly. Skate Toronto is the first skating club in Canada to make use of this technology for coaching learn to skate and figure skating.


  • This smaller Glice Skating Rink makes it less intimidating for skaters to learn on.
  • The skating rink is warm and not cold, so skaters won’t freeze and can wear shirts.
  • Skating programs can be offered all year long.
  • Easier for skaters to learn on and these skills can easily be transitioned to skating on real ice.
  • All skating elements from basic skating, figure skating and power skating can be practiced on it.

  • The Learning Curve

    There is always a learning curve to skating whether it is on real ice or synthetic ice. If you have skated on only real ice or synthetic ice in the past there is a short learning curve to changing between the two. There are mainly two difference between real ice and synthetic ice that help skaters to break bad habits that they develop while skating on real ice. The first is that you are not able to dig your edges into the synthetic ice like you can into the real ice. The second difference is that you have to be skating in proper positions on top of your skates when skating on synthetic ice, whereas on real ice you can lean in one way or the other without falling.

    Skate Toronto Glice Skating Rink