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Glittering Stars

Senior Figure Skating

Pre-Competitive Figure Skating Program

Skate Toronto Glittering Stars

Glittering Stars is Skate Toronto’s Pre-Competitive Figure Skating program for Senior skaters that prepares them for completing Standardized Tests. This program focuses on FreeSkate for skaters that are in Star 1 through 5.

Skaters get 6 hours of 2-4 coach to skater ratio instructional time a week. Activities include Fitness for Figure Skating, practical skating related academics and applying the Figure Skating scoring system to their Solos.

Program Assisting and Formation Skating

All Senior Glittering Stars are required to participate in Program Assisting and Formation Skating.

During program assisting these skaters assist in coaching the tots and child learn to skate programs.

Formation Skating is done in small groups or as one large group and skaters practice skating with precision and co-ordination.

Standardized Testing

Skate Toronto Glittering Stars
Skate Toronto Glittering Stars

In order to remain in this program, all Glittering Stars skaters are required to be working their way towards passing the nationally standardized Tests for Star 1 through Star 5. These tests are done by evaluators internally during the skating program and reinforce the quality of our skating program and maintains consistency relative to national standards.

Benefits of Graduating the Program

Skate Toronto Glittering Stars

Once a skater has completed the Star 5 test they are able to graduate the program and the benefits include:

  • Qualifying for Competitions
  • Secondary School Co-Op Credits
  • Coaching Certification
  • Volunteer Hours for OSSD
  • Post-Secondary Admission
  • Glittering Stars