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Figure Skates Toronto

Figure Skates Toronto

Buy Skates Toronto

Buying Skates for Ice Skating

When you start skating lessons you need to buy skates. For basic learn to skate skating lessons you need basic skates for girls or boys. These should be lose and yet fit well. Skates need to be sharpened about once a season and skaters should never walk with their skates on concrete as this can damage the blades. You can buy used ice skates at Play it Again Sports and new ones at any Canadian Tire store.

Girls will probably want either pink recreation skates or starter white figure skates. The white figure skates have longer and wider blades which make it easier to balance on the ice and can produce more power with less strenght. The pink recreational skates for girls are an easier fit but do not provide as much support which can make them harder to skate in. Boys on the other hand will probably want to start with hockey skates and the only important thing to remember when buying new hockey skates is to make sure that they are a good fit.

Figure Skates Toronto

Recreational and Competitive Figure Skates

When you child starts figure skating they will need a pair of regular starter figure skates. When a skater is at the Junior level and learning the jumps and spins they need figure skates that are basic where they provide more support and padding in order for them to be able to learn these elements. Figure skates can be sharpened about once a season if a skater skates once a week but if they skate more often then their figure skates need to be sharpened about once every two months.

Once a skater has completed the Junior figure skating level and is in the Intermediate figure skating level they will probably need figure skates that have enough support for larger jumps and double jumps. There are figure skates available for competitive figure skaters that have more support on the outside to produce higher jumps with less effort. Depending on the type of skates some need to be borken in more then others. If figure skates fit but hurt you can get gel socks to use as padding which is often the recommended solution.

Hockey Skates Toronto

Hockey Skates for Power Skating

If you child is participating in the Power Skating program then they will need a pair of hocky skates to wear. It is recommended to always buy new hockey skates once a skater is in the Power Skating program. The most important thing to know when buying new hockey skates is that they need to be a good fit.

Hockey skates need to be sharpened about once a season or on an as needed basis depending how often a skater uses the skates. Blades should be wiped after skating to avoid rusting of the blades. If there are problems with the skates fitting properly after your child has been using them then you need to go back to where you purchased them for help.

Figure Skates Toronto