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Intermediate Figure Skating

Intermediate Figure Skating

Intermediate Skating Program Expectations

Intermediate Figure Skating

During the Intermediate Figure Skating program skaters will learn the second half of the required elements for the Preliminary Free Skate Test in Free Skate levels IV, V and VI. These include all three types of spins, all six types of jumps, all types of turns, all four field movements and the ability to put spin and jump sequences together.

Skaters can expect to complete the Intermediate Figure Skating program in three seasons if they are skating twice a week. Once a skater has completed this program they can continue on to the Glittering Stars figure skating program.

Intermediate Figure Skating Program Delivery

All classes are taught in about a 1:5 coach to skater ratio and each class starts with a 10 minute stroking lesson. Coaches teach this program in small groups for the majority of the time. Certain portions of the program are delivered in semi-private and private lesson format while other skaters are given practice time. Skaters get the full surface of the ice for at least 30 minutes of each class.

Skaters are informally assessed every class by their coach to see where it is that skaters need improvement. If coaches find that skaters are not seeing the improvement of skaters they will attempt to create a coaching strategy that will attempt to assist those skaters.

Intermediate Figure Skating Program Prerequisites

In order to qualify for this program skaters must be between the ages of 8 and 15, must have completed Free Skate III of the Junior Figure Skating program and must have proper figure skates and figure skating attire to participate.

Intermediate Figure Skating Program Assessment

Competitive Figure Skating Toronto, Glittering Stars Competitive Figure Skating Toronto, Glittering Stars

There are a total of 24 elements that skaters must be able to perform to complete this program. In order to pass an element, skaters must be able to consistently perform the element with a proper entry and finish and a good grade of execution.

When a skater has passed an element their coach will check mark this on the skater's progress sheet which can be viewed by parents by logging into their account online. This formal assessment takes place at least once a month.

Intermediate Figure Skating