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Glittering Stars

Figure Skating Program

Glittering Stars Program Expectations

Competitive Figure Skating Toronto

In the Glittering Stars program skaters will set their own figure skating goals and create a plan with their coaches to achieve these. Skaters can choose to learn figure skating skills for recreational purposes, prepare for tests, or can set goals to participate in local and international figure skating competitions.

Glittering Stars Program Delivery

This program includes private skating lessons on ice for solo prepration, stroking, skating skills and elements two days a week. It also includes semi-private off ice conditing, jump and theory classes one day a week. Secondary school credit courses through Grade 9-12 are also available for skaters that qualify.

Each skater will have a principal private Certified Competitive Figure Skating coach that will work them one on one on the ice. Skaters will also have other additional coaches for off ice classes and supportive roles. 2015-2016 Program Calendar

Glittering Stars Program Prerequisites

In order to qualify for this program skaters must have completed the Intermediate Figure Skating program (or equivalent), or attending Secondary School and may not have reached the age of 18 by the end of March of the skating year.

Competitive Figure Skating Toronto, Glittering Stars Competitive Figure Skating Toronto, Glittering Stars

Glittering Stars Program Assessment

During this program skaters are assessed on their skating skills and abilities in accordance with the ISU figure skating judging guidelines. Coaches formally assess and update skater's Skating Achievement Reports at least once a month. Sample Skating Achievement Report

Glittering Stars Program Weekly Schedule

Competitive Figure Skating Training Center Toronto
Tuesdays - On Ice Skating Saturdays - On Ice Skating
Stroking Lesson:
Private Lesson:
Practice Time:
Group B Jump Class:
Stroking Lesson:
Private Lesson:
Practice Time:
Solo Preparation:
Solo Practice:
Group A Jump Class:
Off Ice Class Instruction - Thursdays Group B / Fridays Group A
Course Instruction:
Jump Class:
Theory Class:
Conditioning Class:

Additional Benefits of the Glittering Stars Program

Competitive Figure Skating Lessons Toronto
  • Skaters can participate in P.A. Day, Winter Break and March Break Figure Skating Camps.
  • Skaters in Grades 9 & 10 can collect their community service hours required by their Secondary School by volunteering as Program Assistants during the Learn to Skate and Pre Star programs.
  • Skaters in Grades 11 & 12 can become employed as Assistant Coaches and begin working their way to becoming Certified Figure Skating Coaches.
  • Skaters that qualify can be sponsored to attend international qualifying figure skating competitions in North America, Europe and Asia.

Glittering Stars