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Skating Lessons Toronto

Skating Lessons Toronto

Skating Lessons Toronto

Learn to Skate Lessons

Skate Toronto is a private learn to skate and figure skating school that offers skating lessons and programs in the Greater Toronto Area for various ages. Our focus during skating lessons is to teach skaters the proper skating skills from the start, work with parents and skaters to help them achieve their skating goals and most importantly to teach our students how much fun skating is. (More Information)

Skate Toronto uses the nationally accredited learn to skate program used by all ice skating clubs in Canada. All of our skating lessons are taught by certified figure skating and power skating coaches. From the beginning when a skater takes their first steps on the ice to more advanced skating lessons, Skate Toronto uses a step by step approach throughout all of it's learn to skate programs. Skating lessons are taught in small classes that allow coaches to give more individual attention to each skater for faster progress and better skill correction during our skating lessons.

Skate Toronto offers skating lessons during the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons at our North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Thornhill locations. For more information about skating lessons that are currently being offered please visit the skating program registration page.

Figure Skating Lessons Toronto

Figure Skating Lessons

Our ice skating club in Toronto offers figure skating lessons for various ages and levels. Skate Toronto offers a Junior Figure Skating Program for skaters that want to learn to figure skate. Skaters can then progress to intermediate and competitive figure skating lessons through our classes and programs offered. To register for figure skating lessons please visit our registrations page.

Skate Toronto offers skating camps during the Winter Break, March Break and summer. Additonally, Skate Toronto has Ticket Ice for skaters at intermediate and competitive figure skating levels during the year. Skaters from any skating clubs are welcome to partipate in our skating camps and ticket ice sessions. For more information about our competitive figure skating programs, junior and intermediate figure skating classes and skating camps please contact us.

Private Skating Lessons and Power Skating Lessons

Private Skating Lessons are offered by Skate Toronto coaches at various skating rinks in the Greater Toronto Area including North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Thornhill. Private skating lessons are available during Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. For more information about private skating lessons please contact us.

Power skating lessons are avialable at Skate Toronto for skaters that have completed the learn to skate program and are interested in moving on to learn power skating. Our power skating lessons are designed to prepare skaters for hockey and focus on speed and agility. More information about our Power Skating lessons can be found on the power skating page.

Skating Lessons Toronto