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Our Coaches

Skate Toronto Coaching Team

Shaquille Davis

  • 2011 Canadian National Silver Medalist
  • Skate Canada Certified Skating Coach
  • Specialist in Freestyle and Pairs

Shaquille has been coaching since 2012. He has completed the National Coaching Certification Program level One. He is also a Level One Singles Technical Official. Shaquille specializes in the technical aspects of singles skating, primarily jump techniques. As well as knowledge in coaching pairs.

Andrei Rogozine

  • 2011 World Junior Champion
  • Skate Canada Certified Skating Coach
  • Edges and Skating Skills Specialist

Andrei is a very recognizable face all over the world for his figure skating skills, ability and achievements. If you are looking for perfection Andrei is the coach to go to.

Fiona Robinson

  • Figure Skating Coach Since 1999
  • Canadian National Competitor
  • Adult National Free Skate 2006 Silver Medalist, 2008 Gold Medalist

Fiona coaches Figure Skating, Power Skating and Off-Ice training to all ages and levels of ability from Tots to Adults. Private lessons available for all ages and all Levels.

Brittany Sullivan

  • Registered USFSA Coach
  • ISI Gold Certified Judge
  • 14 years of competitive figure skating and 3 years of ice show experience

Brittany has a vast experience in competitive figure skating and ice shows. Brittany coaches our figure skating programs, provides private skating lessons and participates in figure skating camps.

Rachel Davis

  • Skate Canada Certified International Competitive Figure Skating Coach
  • Multiple International Competitive Figure Skaters
  • Skater Management and Packaging Specialist

Rachel has been coaching since 1990. Rachel is a graduate of the National Coaching Institute and Seneca College coaching program. Rachel has completed the National Coaching Certification Program level 4. Additionally, Rachel has completed seven of the eight tasks for level 5 (the highest coaching certification in Canada).

Rachel Specializes in mental training and the technical aspects of singles skating as well as athlete management and packaging.

Our Coaches