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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my child wear a ski helmet?

No. For proper protection for skating all skaters in the learn to skate and power skating programs must have a CSA approved helmet. Other helmets such as skiing and bike hemlets are not designed to provide protection for skating. A cage or face mask is optional but not required.

2. Can or do the parents need to go on the ice?

No. Parents are not required or allowed to go on the ice during any of the sessions.

3. Are there make up sessions for missed classes?

There are no makeup classes for missed classes as all of the ice time available is allocated to the program that you have registered for.

4. Can I get private lessons for my child?

Yes. We encourage all skaters to get additional private lessons to progress at a faster pace. You may talk to your child's coach and ask them about arranging private lessons if you are interested.

5. How long will it take my child to learn to skate?

Generally it takes about a season for a skater to complete a level. Beginners usually can skate on their own by the end of a single season.

6. Do I have to buy skates?

Yes you have to buy skates. Rentals are not available.

7. How often do skates need to be sharpened?

Skates should be sharpened about once a season or about every 10 - 15 hours of skating.

Frequently Asked Questions